JMT Princess Straight

JMT Princess Straight

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Our JMT Straight Hair Extensions are true to length with ability to color and style. Maintenance is simple and silky straight is perfect for a bob or long lengths up to 30″.

  • Lengths: 12" - 30"
  • Wefts: Machine Double Stitch
  • Style: Silky Straight


The price is for one machine weft Bundle. For more information, please see our Help & FAQ's

*JMT Princess bundles are second only to our high-quality JMT Queen premium human hair bundles.  They have minimal shedding and do not tangle easily. The thick cuticles from JMT Princess bundles ensure that there’s little breakage, allowing you to style your hair into any hairstyle without much effort. In fact, it can be curled and will return to its natural texture when washed.

 JMT Princess bundles can be colored, bleached and dyed and has an incredibly beautiful shine and natural luster. However, unlike our JMT Queen premium human hair bundles with a longer lifespan, these bundles are perfect for a short-term install when you need to spice things up. JMT Princess bundles are not the same quality of the JMT Queen bundles. if you intend to dye or color your hair you may do so with the  understanding that JMT Princess bundles will take to color but will not perfom as the JMT Queen premium human hair bundles